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This page is to support newly registered childminding settings in Hampshire.

If you have just received your Ofsted Registration Certificate – congratulations!  Below we have listed items that you need to do to get your childminding business off to a flying start. Where an item is a legal requirement we have indicated this with the  symbol. Links will open in a new window unless otherwise stated.

  • Purchase Public Liability Insurance. There are several companies who supply PLI for childminding businesses including PACEY, click here for more details.
  • Purchase a First Aid Kit, among other providers PACEY sell Childcare First Aid click here for details. 
  • Obtain a copy of the EYFS. Click here for details of how to download or purchase a printed copy. ◊ 
  • Read the latest info from Ofsted that relates to childminding. Click here to view the most recent updates.
  • Find out about the Training available from Services for Young Children’s Training SchemeClick here for details of how to join.
  • Complete Food Hygiene training note this is not a legal requirement but good practice. Many training providers sell Food Hygiene training so we suggest you do some research.  All settings registered with Ofsted from 01/01/2014 will automatically be registered as a food business with their Local Authority.
  • Obtain a copy of the Safer Food Better Business pack from The Food Standards Agency, click here for more details.  You will use this pack to advise and record any food safety related information relating to your childminding business.  Read the following advice and complete the checklist in preparation for a potential visit/inspection from your local Environmental Health department: Food Hygiene Advice for Childminders  Food Hygiene Quick Check Sheet
  • Since Dec’14 all food providers must give information to parents regarding allergens that may be present in any food provided to children.  This does apply to childminders. Click here for more advice and guidance.
  • Register with HMRC as ‘self employed’ within three months of Ofsted registration. Click here for more details and registration. HMRC also offer free webinars with advice completing self assessment tax returns as a childminder, click here for more details.
  • Complete and return the provider form in order to appear on FID (Family Information Directory). This form will be sent to you in the post from SfYC within a month of registration. Ensure you sign the form before returning. (Selecting to have your details published on the FID website will mean free advertising and may help to bring in new business). If you don’t receive a form contact your SfYC Local Office click here for contact details.
  • Activate your free business email from Services for Young Children. (All settings are given a free email account by SfYC, once activated you can opt to have all emails transferred to another account e.g. Hotmail). To activate contact your local SfYC office and request activation of your business email account. Click here for contact details of the SfYC Local Office.
  • Register with the Information Commissioners Office as a data handler (to comply with the Data Protection Act. If you are using a digital device or storing any digital information about children, including personal info and photos). Click here for more details and how to register.
  • Attend all 3 webinar training sessions:  EYFS Requirements / Recording Children’s Development / Being Self Reflective webinar training with PACEY, check your email for details as all new registered provision will be automatically invited. If you haven’t received an invite please email your name, Ofsted EY number and contact details to hants.qpps@pacey.org.uk  requesting details of the 3 free webinar programme
  • Contact a PACEY co-ordinator to organise your free inspection support visit, which will help you to prepare for your Ofsted Inspection (30 months after registration). Click here to find contact details of your local team.

PAPERWORK to have in place:

  • Contracts*
  • Child Record Forms*
  • Parental Permissions* (including: giving medication, transport in a car, going on outings, application of sun cream, photos, garden equipment, pre-arranged alternative care- see EYFS for specific requirements).
  • Policies and Procedures* (including: complaints, equal opportunities, medication, missing/lost child, failure to collect child, safeguarding – see EYFS for specific requirements).
  • Display your Ofsted Registration Certificate
  • Display the Ofsted Parents poster (sent to you with your certificate).
  • Display/store the Hampshire Child Protection and Safeguarding posters click here (scroll down to the Information and Advice section for instructions and downloads).
  • Recording of accidents, incidents &  medication* ◊ 
  • Recording of complaints* (a book or sheet for parents to write a compliment or a concern)
  • Complete and record regular evacuation drills*
  • Record children’s attendance*

*PACEY offer products or support resources to support these items, some require membership, for more details click here. PACEY also offer a Tools of the Trade pack which is a toolkit including the required paperwork to get you started – click here for details.

Next Step: Once you have done all or most of the items listed above, most importantly the items listed as legally required (marked with a ◊), then you are off and running, if you need support please contact one of your local co-ordinators for support, click here to find contact details. We will be in touch with you at some point in the first 6 months of registration.

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